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Bladder Support Tea


re you tired of feeling Bladder and Urinary Tract Issues? Let the natural power of plants alleviate these concerns and maintain the health of your bladder with our Bladder Support Tea Blend. Our organic ingredients, such as cleaver herb, shave grass herb, couch grass root, cornsilk, juniper berry, and parsley root, masterfully works together to promote healthy bladder function and strengthen the kidneys. Allow the smooth, warm taste to enliven your senses while delivering bladder-protecting properties.

The Taste: Herbaceous, medium-bodied tea with berry undertones

Why You’ll Love our Bladder Support Tea Blend

  • 100% All-Natural ingredients
  • Supports the bladder and urinary tract issues
  • Prevents and protects urinary health
  • Organically Sourced

How to Use:

Steep for 15 minutes, strain, and enjoy!

Ingredients: Organic cleavers herb, organic shavegrass herb, organic Couch grass root

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