Acne Eliminator Soap - KABREEM NATURALES
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Acne Eliminator Soap


Acne Eliminator soap tightens and softens skin at the same time. It holds moisture in for other skin health and leaves you with fresh feeling squeaky-clean skin. It is formulated with natural ingredients to combat acne, excess oil, and scarring. You'll be able to enjoy clear, soft skin without the harsh side effects of non-natural treatments.

Perfect for the face and body!

Gently rub a small pinch of acne eliminator in your hands to create a lather. Rub the lather or soap on all areas of your face or body. Rinse with cool or lukewarm water.

Ingredients: Palm oil, Palm kernel oil, Plantain leaves, Roasted Cocoa Pod Ash, Plantain ash, Coffee, Tea Tree, Essential Oil Blend.

Normal shelf life is 24 months. To prolong the shelf life of the natural black soap, keep it in a cool and dry location.

external use only