I notice you don't carry_____can you get it?

We're always interested in adding new products to our site. Make your product suggestion at info@kabreemnaturales.com and we’ll forward it to our marketing team for consideration.

I'm having a reaction, what should I do? Please know that this is very typical. When you begin using any new product or regimen, your skin will acclimate to new ingredients in a variety of ways. Tingling, redness, flaky skin and even purging are common skin responses to unfamiliar ingredients. Purging, means that a product is bringing skin impurities to the surface to be expelled, which often results in breakouts – but in the end, this process is well worth it.

Additionally, irritation can occur if the product is being used incorrectly or with other products not suitable for use together. If you have concerns email us at info@kabreemnaturales.com!

Why is my container only half full? To minimize the need to purchase many different sizes of containers for each of our products, we store just a few sizes and fill the containers based on weight instead of volume. 

How do I mix your clay mask? Our face masks come in a powder form too retain freshness and prevent bacteria. They can be mixed in equal parts of powder to water, milk, yogurt, honey, aloe vera, or your desired liquid.

What must I do if my products arrive melted? If products arrive melted, you can place them in the refrigerator to re-form. Avoid heat/sun so that the product maintains its shelf life. Store relief oils in a dark place and avoid getting water in your products to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Do you offer wholesale? Yes, only for Kabreem Naturales product! Please email us at info@kabreemnaturales.com. Provide your contact information, the items you are interested in, the quantity, and company name. Someone will respond to you quickly.

How soon will my order ship? Most times orders are shipped within 24-48 hours, depending on the shipping option you chose.

How can I track my order? Simple log into Kabreem Naturales, view our menu and select track your order, enter your tracking number.

Where can I find my tracking number? You should have received an email or text notification that your order shipped. Don't see it, check your spam or junk folder. 

What If I don't like the Taste of the Bitters or Sea Moss Gel? We are not responsible for your taste buds. Bitters are just what they are named BITTER!

Can I request a special product to be made or a certain ingredient? Yes, just email us at info@kabreemnaturales.com or call 833-KABREEM.

Can I have Kabreem Naturales Skincare at my Spa? Yes, we always welcome spas' and new estheticians to enjoy our products. Just email us at info@kabreemnaturales.com

Can I request customized skincare products? Yes, call us or email info@kabreemanturale.com