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Gohyah Tea (Bitter Melon)


Your diet plan is not complete until you implement Bitter Melon Fruit. It might aid in controlling diabetes, boosting weight loss, lowering bad cholesterol levels, while relieving constipation and indigestion. The Gourd is commonly used in Asia and Africa, it can be added in soups, and steeped as a tea.

Bitter melon fruit helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels. It contains iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamins A, C, Calcium and Beta-Carotene. 




Support A Healthy Gut

May help improve Respiratory Health


Enhances Skin Health

Made from fresh bitter gourds that have many health benefits such as cough, cold, flu and high blood sugar, Gohyah tea is also called bitter melon tea, bitter gourd loose tea, or dried bitter cucumber tea

How to use: As a Tea, Steep 5 to 7 pieces in boiling water (makes 8 oz) for 10 minutes, sip and enjoy or rehydrate it and add it in a smoothie, soup, or make a smoothie with it by adding apples, kale, spinach and blueberries. 

The longer the steep the stronger your tea will be!

Ingredient: 100% Dried Slices of Bitter Melon

Dehydrated Bitter Melon Tea- 3 oz

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