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Soursop Face Mask


Welcome the age-defying power of Soursop into your skincare routine with our nourishing face mask. Packed with collagen-boosting vitamins, this luxurious mask will drench your skin in hydration, helping to soften wrinkles and brighten your complexion with a healthy burst of vitamin C.

Masking Benefits: 


Boost Collagen

Reduce Inflammation

Brighten Skin

Reduce Fine Lines

Glowing Skin

Tighten & Lift

It's a powder formula to reduce bacteria! Just add coconut milk, water, or aloe vera gel.

Suggested Use: Twice weekly for best results. Add one teaspoon of powder to 1/2 teaspoon of liquid. Mix well, apply onto face and neck for 15 minutes allowing time for the mask to dry. Rinse well!


Ingredients: Soursop Leaf, Kaolin Clay, Banana Powder, Natural Herbal Fragrance 

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keep out of reach of children