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Gavilana Bitter


The Gavilana Bitter is a medicinal tonic made from herbs native to Belize. This robust blend might help to clear and strengthen the respiratory system, lower A1C, treating ulcers, combat diarrhea, parasite elimination, and fight cold and flu symptoms. Gavilana Bitter has a strong, distinctive flavor, and may provide a powerful boost to your immunity.

Also known as Tres puntas, and Zeb-a-pique, a potent anti-parasitic agent that is active against amoebas, candida, giardia and intestinal parasites. 

*Strong In Taste*

✅No Additives

✅No Preservatives

✅All Natural Formula

Recommended dosage: 1 ounce, this can be taken as a shot, or in a small glass of water, or with juice 2 x daily on an empty stomach for better absorption.

Ingredients: Neurolaena lobata, Spring Water, Cayenne Pepper, Sienna, Black Pepper, Organic Turmeric, Soursop, Wildflower Honey

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